The Squeezebox Podcast, hosted by Shane and Tom, is an effortless stream of hilarious consciousness, capable of forcing outbursts that surrounding company cannot ignore. 

Each episode, two friends connect on a higher (lower) level of humour, setting out to collapse in a glorious heap of laughter that has other humour podcasters gasping for breath between gaffaws.

Listeners do not count the high points of "funny", but rather the moments between stories where they can regain composure. 

For the audio-romp of your life, Shane and Tom are the greatest embodiment of genuine friendship on the internet today.

Posted (roughly) 1-2 times a month.


If you’re looking for a great show that’ll make you laugh, this is it. Also, if you love tangents, this is definitely for you. Two guys sharing fun stories; feels like you’re hanging out with friends.
–by Not So Easy E (5 Stars)